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"all of us were born in the crisis"

by David Finnigan 

"75,000 years ago the Toba volcano in Indonesia erupted.

This is the biggest volcano eruption in human history. The mountain rumbled for decades beforehand, and then exploded - and kept exploding, for two weeks straight.

Something of that scale is beyond comparison. 3,000 cubic kilometres of rock blown into the sky. 10 million tonnes per second. A wave of lava and poisonous gas covering 30,000 square kilometres. Most of India and Pakistan covered in ash three metres thick. The largest tsunami humanity has ever seen."

the film
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3 Tree Huggers Productions

3 Tree Huggers Productions (Laura Lee Bahr, Emily Trask & Ezra Werb) are three Brockton locals and media professionals who are collaborating with the Climate Change Theatre Action and local Brockton city groups to raise awareness about a global green new deal and local actions around littering and recycling.


Youth performers will act in 2–3 short plays written by Climate Action Theatre playwrights and co-create with us a short (3–5 minutes) play about the issue of littering in Brockton and be directed from Climate Action Theater.

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